Saturday, March 8, 2014

documented life project - week 10

the prompt for week 10 at the documented life project was - what makes you "you".  there are so many things that make me who i am.  after thinking about this for a while i realize that the person i am today is molded by so many facets of my life; god, my husband, my family, my friends and my creative journey.


Claudine Criner said...

I love everything about it! Awesome page!

Kay Wallace said...

It has to be so very interesting to put one's life under a microscope and examine the details. A great way to learn who one really is! Love the art in this project!

massofhair said...

Found this prompt challenging as too many things to take into consideration, so many layers & facets... Eventually added some words but wove them in some doodling to show they are part of the fabric of my life & couldn't make them stand out. As i said it wasa hard prompt.

Your pages are amazing, i love you were able to add so much colour in there too. Thanks for the inspiration:-) xxx