Sunday, October 11, 2015

tumble fish studio's new release

marsha, aka tumble fish studio, has a new release over at mischief circus.  this journal page was created using all imagery from this little moment digital sheets.  go check it out - you know you wanna!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

announcing my newest design team members

it is with great pleasure that i announce two new design team members to the roc nicholas rubber stamp design teami hope you'll give a warm welcome to gemma maggs and sue watersi am positive we will see some creative and unique pieces of art using my rubber stamps over the coming months.

gemma is welsh born, but resides in york, england with her fiancĂ© and one poodle.  her profession is a criminologist and tries to keep up with the latest findings, and she is a huge fan of crime fiction.  she is self employed and works from home but states her art room is her retreat.  she finds great relaxation when she is in there.  gemma says she tries to craft everyday, even if it something small like coloring in stamped images while she watches tv. 

gemma’s other love, besides family, is crafting.  she adores stamping, mixed media, altered art, art journaling and anything else remotely crafty.  she jokes,
“if it stands still long enough, it will be painted, sprayed with inks and glued!”
gemma admits she has always been crafty and was encouraged as a child to try all sorts of things.  she credits her love of creating to her mother and grandmother.  she can be found attending as many arts and crafts workshops as she can go to.  she feels she has picked up a lot of new techniques that she can use and feels this has been her greatest learning tool.
gemma started her rubber stamping collection as a teenager.  she is fond of christmas and began her obsession with rubber stamping by making christmas cards for friends and family.  she loves how versatile stamps are, as well as how varied they are in their styles.  she loves to create backgrounds with stamps because it gives such depth and texture to her work.

her favorite “go to” item when stamping is her black archival ink pad.  she loves it because it is waterproof and permanent.  her latest obsession is colored pencils and her favorite brand is faber cast ell polychromes, followed by car an d’ache pablo pencils.   she has a fondness for gelatos, texture paste and crackle paste when used with stencils or to add dimension to an area.

gemma states,
“Inspiration is all around us. I've taken photographs of old doors with cracked paint, and rusty hinges just because I loved the worn look. You will find something that inspires you wherever you look.  Books, magazines and websites are great for inspiration and when you put your own ideas with it, you sometimes get something fabulous!  I've met a lot of very good friends through our love of craft/art, and we all draw inspiration from one another.  We all share our knowledge with lots of good ideas thrown in.”   
gemma feels her biggest accomplishment to day has been being accepted to the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team.  she says,
“I'm so excited to begin this journey, and am looking forward to seeing where it takes me. I'm so happy, I feel like a kid at Christmas..!


sue lives in land o’ lakes, florida, just 30 miles north of where she was born in dunedin.  sue  is proud to be a native of florida and states, “ my mom’s family helped to settle dunedin in the 1860’s and my dad helped to settle palm harbor/tarpon springs in the 1860’s.”   she is married to the love of her life for nearly 27 years.  sue reports, “ we don’t have kids, but (we) have a fur-daughter cat named savannah.  she is an old lady now, at 90 in human years, so she sleeps a lot but she is our baby!”  after many years in retail sue is now a homemaker.
in her spare time, sue loves to cook, do mixed media, art journaling, card making and scrapbooking.  she recently renewed an old love of sewing.  she admits to being arty for as long as she can remember.  she says her style has evolved over the years.  she admits, “ i pick and choose who’s style i like and incorporate them into my own art.”  sue’s greatest learning tool has been to embrace her imperfections.  she has learned to say “it’s ok” even if it doesn’t meet her idea of perfect.

sue adores rubber stamps because they are so varied.  she likes how you can find cute stamps, realistic stamps, or weird stamps, and this makes the possibilities endless.  she jokes, “ all you need is a large back account to support your habit!”  she likes to mix and match stamps and put her own spin on what ever she is making.

sue finds inspiration on pinterest, blogs, everyday life and her own ideas.  she admits that she is a huge tim holts fan.  she can’t live without her tim holtz distress inks, but also loves cyan reavely’s delusions spray inks and paint, and dina wakely’s heavy body acrylic paints.  sue says she loves sharpies, colored pens, prismacolor pencils, and caran d’ache neocolors.

sue makes time to do art every day.  she tells people, “ it’s what helps keep me sane. or as sane as i can be!”  she feels her greatest accomplishment to date is being part of the roc nicholas rubber stamp design team. 


Friday, October 9, 2015

week 42 - my planner

week 42 prompt - what is one word that seems to best describe what you've been doing this year?
it seems this year i've been doing a lot of searching.  searching for missing art supplies, searching for  healthy recipes, searching for natural choices that aid in better health, etc.   all these things, except art supplies in a messy art room,  are easy to find if you google them.   but on a deeper level, a spiritual level, i've been searching my soul for all kinds of things.  no, not my faith, that is never lost.  never.  but for a deeper meaning of life.  how can i be more present in other people's lives?  how can i be more of a blessing and of service to others?  how can i be kinder and more loving?  those answers come easy to some.  why, yes, even i understand actions that allow that, but there are times when i am tired, or don't feel well, or just feel a bit selfish of my time, that i don't always go out of my way to do what maybe i should do.  i do my best on my most days, but there are days i am sure i fall short.  so i continue on in my prayers to ask for guidance to have god guide me where i need to be.  and some days he even leads me to a lost art supply. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

making envelopes and stationary

i've always enjoyed writing letters and sending happy mail.  i still am pretty faithful about it to this day.  i love making envelopes and homemade stationary.
being a faith filled person i like to include little reminders in my art.
here are two of the trifold pieces of stationary i'm currently working on.  they are works in progress and not quite finished yet.
when you open it up you can see it creates three sections.  i cut paper to fit each of the sections and used washi tape to secure them at the top.
i stamped lines on the backside of the paper to double my writing space in each section.  i have about 5 i am currently working on, but these two were the furtherest along in the process.
i hope you find some inspiration in this and will send someone you love a piece of happy mail.  i know they'd love it!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

another peek....

i'm still working ahead on my 2016 biblical planner.  i love drawing and doodling in it.  i'm excited for next to roll around to fill it up.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

a glimpse into my planner from this year

i thought i would share a glimpse into my planner i'm using this year gets filled up.  i love adding photos with my happy printer.  i'm so happy i bought that printer!  it makes the perfect sized photos for me. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

planner prep

i'm having a blast working on ahead on my 2016 planner.  i've been sharing some of my work in this planner all along this year.  here is another snippet of some of my work in it.

Friday, October 2, 2015

week 41 daily journal

week 41 prompt - are you true to yourself or do you try to please others?
this week's prompt was brought about by finding myself in a situation of trying to please someone and ignoring my own needs and desires.  i admit it.  i've been a people pleaser my whole life.  the older i get the more i realize i'm a people too!  i am teaching myself to say no.  i can say no sometimes without too much thought having to go into the decision.  but then there are other times i go back and forth on whether or not to say no or to do it.  i have a strong desire to want to be such a good person that i struggle with whether or not saying no is a good or bad thing.

part of me believes that you do have to be true to yourself, because at the end of the day, you have to find your own joy and happiness within yourself.  it's important to find a balance in life that is healthy on all levels - physically, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  i am still learning to say no to meet all that criteria.

what about you?  do you try to please others more than you please yourself?


Thursday, October 1, 2015

the roc nicholas design team post

today the roc nicholas design team post is brought to you by corrie herriman.  she has used quite a few of my rubber stamps to create this beautiful artwork.  she used one of my latest released stamps, ellie, as well as heart vine, unleash yourself and just be u.

to see more of corrie's work, go over to her blog by clicking here.

to see the stamps corrie used to create this piece, as well as all my other rubber stamps, please click here.

Friday, September 25, 2015

week 40 daily planner

week 40 prompt - are you spiteful?
this week's prompt was brought on talking about how spiteful i use to be.  the old adage, "you'll cut off your nose to spite your face" was probably said about me.  heavens forbid you'd tell me no.  that would surely get my dander up and i'd do what ever you told me not to do just out of spite.  i'm not proud of that personality trait, but it is the truth about who i was.  i think i've mellowed over the years which has allowed me some wiggle room to say i'm better.  i will admit, however, that to this day, i still don't like to be told "no".  i'd like to think i'm a bit more mature and wouldn't be so spiteful as to go ahead and do it anyway, but there are some who know me that may find cause to argue.  i continue to work on it, always striving for a kinder, gentler roc to emerge,  but just to be on the safe side - if you are talking to me - refrain from using the word no.

what about you?  are you spiteful?